Privacy Policy

Collection/ Use/ Provision of your personal information

Upon collection/ use of personal information, we shall clarify our customers the purpose of collection in advance, define the range of use of the collected information, and handle it appropriately with care.
Unless otherwise a customer's consent is obtained, or legally permitted, we shall not provide customer's information to third parties. Also, upon providing such to a third party, the range of the provided information will be limited as minimal, mandate the information receiver to manage the individual information by agreement, and observe them as appropriate.

Respecting your right

We shall respect an individual right pertaining to the privacy information, and if we receive a request for disclosing, revising, deleting, and/or terminating the use of an individual's personal information, we shall address it within a reasonable period of time and the fair range of such information.

Implementation of the safety measure

We shall strictly and appropriately manage your registered personal information while refining the internal regulations for preventing troubles such as illegal access, lost, damage, manupulation, leakage, etc. as well as practicing the safety measure.