The Meaning of FNA's Logo

・The FNA corporate name strives for easy comprehensibility.
・「FNA」=It stands for Factory Network Asia.

<Logo Colors and Shape>

F」and「A」are green to symbolize land and country.
N」is blue to symbolize the sea and national borders.
If you look closely, there is a slight horizontal line in the 'N' and this has a meaning.
If you connect a straight line from 'F' to 'A' then it will become a single line.
This single line symbolizes network connections.
Our logo contains this message: manufacturing businesses in Asia have crossed the sea and national borders to connect directly together.

These greens and blues also symbolize beautiful greenery, the sea and the sky and include the desire for manufacturing to better contribute to future global conservation efforts.

Our objective at FNA is to be a global factory network.

For that reason, I believe it is vital for every Asian corporation in the center of the world's manufacturing to first deepen connections across national borders. Many popular western corporations for automobiles or cellular devices even do their manufacturing within Asia.
I consider "Asia" as a bundle where people from all over the world gather in search of good craftsmanship. As a result, in the future I hope to include Africa and South America and create the "Global Factory Network."

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