We provide assistance to both the challenges associated with the Asian manufacturing industry and expansion into it as manufacturing business matching specialists.

There are many manufacturers as well as multinational companies supporting manufacturers with a variety of services in Asia.
We created an on-site cooperative supply chain while diligently working together with them. As a result, we have formed our brand (with a track record and trust) as the heart of global manufacturing here in Asia.

We here at FNA Group value providing assistance for on-site networking. Furthermore, we hope to continue working with everyone to share something from this with the world in terms of ideal manufacturing.

We provide the place and tools for creating all new meetings for everyone in the manufacturing industry through our corporate philosophy of "manufacturing business matching."
As specialists, we find and rationalize the commonalities within these information dissemination and information gathering processes, as well as investigate an appropriate scope and speed for them.

<Employee Behavior Regulations>

We strive for development within the 3 Wa's (Japanese word meaning a sense of harmony) for the customer, company and ourselves.

①「'Wa' with the Customer」
We always hold the customer's point of view in mind and proactively behave and make proposals for the expansion of your customer base.
②「'Wa' with Coworkers」
We always make proposals and perform actions for improvement together with mutually helping our fellow employees from our partners' position.
③「'Wa' with Service」
We always keep the coordination of each FNA service in mind and provide them to our customers through mutual development.

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