2nd “Mfair Bangkok 2015” Results and Success Report

2nd “Mfair Bangkok 2015” Results and Success Report
Number of Visitors: 10,227 / Number of Business Meetings: 3,656




“Mfair Bangkok 2015”
Business Matching Platform for Manufacturer’s Network in Asia was organized by Factory Network Asia Thailand and Reed Tradex on a 4-day period from 24 to 27 June, 2015 at BITEC, Bangkok.


This is the second business matching meeting event organized by FNA group, which specializes in supporting business matching among firms in the manufacturing industry. For this year, the event was jointly held with the “Manufacturing Expo”, which is one of the largest manufacturing trade fair in Asia, resulting in a far more successful results than previous year.


The event was sponsored by around 35 Japanese organizations including several major banks and local government bodies from various areas in Japan. It was also supported by Kasikorn Bank and Bangkok Bank which are major banks in Thailand, NNA (Thailand) which is a long-standing Asian media firm and other independent institutions including Organization for Small and Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation (SMRJ) and Bureau of Supporting Industries Development (BSID) which is a part of Department of Industrial Promotion, Ministry of Industry (Thailand).


As this is the event’s second year, there is a significant increase in the number of visitors and business matching meetings occurred during the event. And the overall event is very well-received by all parties involved.



There are 207 companies joining the event as exhibitors. The total number of visitors is 10,277 (*including the number of visitors coming in from Manufacturing Expo). The total estimated sales value during the event is 328,436,580 THB, and total purchase value during the event is estimated to be around 150,063,520 THB (*the values are calculated by totaling the numbers from questionnaires distributed during the 4-day period, the number of questionnaires collected is 71% of total questionnaires distributed).


Pre-event matching service was arranged for all exhibitors, resulting in a large number of business meetings between exhibitors and other Thai companies looking for new business partners, suppliers and customers occurring all day throughout the event. The number of business meetings is 1.5 times higher than last year. The collaboration with “Manufacturing Expo” also results in an increase in number of visitors. Furthermore, our active advertising activities, including inviting large buyer companies and a group of investors from Vietnam to the event, have resulted in more variety of event participants.


The event hall layout is efficiently divided into seven main parts according to exhibitors’ categories: materials, automobile/mechanical parts, electronics and electrical parts, automation engineering, surface treatment, auxiliary manufacturers and service provider. The one with the largest number of exhibitors is automobile/mechanical parts area, which takes up around 1/3 of the entire hall.



The participants are highly impressed by the firmness and reliability of the Thai manufacturing industry and the maturity of the Thai market. Many exhibitors are already consulting with us and making reservations for next year’s event. All in all, there are many changes and improvements made to the “Mfair Bangkok 2015” such as collaboration with “Manufacturing Expo”, buyer’s matching, inviting participators from Vietnam and so forth. Currently, we are already preparing more improvements and upgrades for organizing an even more effective event next year.


In this year, the “FCB Shanghai 2015” will also be held in Shanghai during 9-10 September. It is considered to be one of the largest Japanese company-centric event held in China. Furthermore, an ASEAN Industrial Estate Zone will also be established as part of the event, with industrial estate companies from Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia gathering there. In addition, during 20-22 November, the “FCB Guangdong 2015” will be held in Guangdong. The event will focus on automobile-related manufacturing companies, with approximately 200 companies expected to join the event as exhibitors. We are eagerly waiting for your visit to these events as well.


And finally, we would like to express our most sincere gratitude to all co-sponsors, exhibitors and visitors for their generosity and support that has allowed us to successfully carry out this very special event.




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