Greetings from CEO

Naoki Inoue

In order to think of development of manufacturing enterprises in Asia by medium and long term viewpoint

2015 passed so fast, because we started business in Vietnam and had business investigations in India etc., besides service expansion in existing bases in China/Thailand/Japan.


If look at surrounding environment, the difficulties of business continuity and risks of life overseas raised. Necessary management function and management etc. need time and cost to maintain talent resource to run corporation in several countries. It is very important to think of meaning of business promotion in individual country, how to strengthen cooperative relation with external person that can be trusted and enterprises and support organizations with same purpose. And, for enterprises who don’t own distribution channel yet, maybe it is also a successful shortcut to consider expansion business together with enterprises that have actual performance.

As FNA group, we plan to provide service by following viewpoints to think how to expand business overseas by long term viewpoint.

It is important to continue to exchange information with business, besides new business matching locally. Recently new business expansion in China/Thailand also is stable. We hear the voice from everyone of manufacturing industry in various places that everyone hope a platform to exchange information to continue to expand local operation besides new clients. In addition to routine“Manufacturing business meeting”in FNA China corporation and receive a favorable reputations for small scale exchange meeting and plant tour. Our staff can have various conversations through the opportunity with clients face to face and utilize knowledge and experience learnt in new service expansion in the future.

And, not only exchange business overseas from now on, but also should study and share method to strengthen support from headquarter in Japan and not only exchange information with base overseas, also should interact with overseas bases with headquarters. From this viewpoint, FNA held “Asia market development research organization for manufacturing industry” 2 times with 100 participants in Japan last year. Firstly, we invite professionals from financial institution and government and study how to support it and information to exchange information with supporters. We want to promote interaction with headquarters through the study.

FNA will promote detailed measures as following for 2020.

① Strength network exceeding Japanese enterprises overseas(China +Thailand +Vietnam)
・Support expansion of manufacturing enterprises from coast of China to middle west of China
・Consider Thailand as starting point to strength support network of ASEAN

② Strength contact point with local enterprises of China/Thailand and local
・Expand individual development personnel of local procurement cases etc.
・Strength cooperation with Japanese and local public organization

③ Standardize tool development FORMAT of expansion development
・Standardize planning of BIZ matching site and business meeting site of manufacturing industry and utilization of event besides sponsor of FNA
・Start to distribute FNA magazine in Vietnam and share contents within China, Thailand and Vietnam

④ Provide platform of information exchange for Japan headquarter
・Hold “Business meeting for manufacturing industry@ Tokyo”
・Hold 4 times “Market development study of manufacturing industry” in 1 year

Thanks for your continuous support for FNA group.

Naoki Inoue, CEO, FNA Group  2016/01  

Born in Shiga Prefecture
Computer Science Graduate from the Osaka City University School of Engineering
Joined Nishoiwai Co.,Ltd., with the iron and steel headquarters
Transferred to Metal One Co.,Ltd., immediately afterwards this company and Mitsubishi invests
Resided in China to establish NC Network China
Established FNA in Hong Kong, received project assignments from former shareholders of NC China
<Position> (株)FNA JAPAN  Representative Director
FNA CHINA(Factory Network China Inc.) Chairman (Hong Kong/Thailand corporation  Representative)
(株)INFOBRIDGE Marketing & Promotions  Director
(株)Rismon Business Portal  Director