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The database website with accumulated information on manufacturers from all over Asia

The best characteristic about the website operated by FNA is its company database in JP/CH/EN with over 20,000 companies focusing on the Japanese/ Chinese/Thai manufacturers. It fully includes basic information of a company's capital and major business partners, as well as introducing their products with image. Also, in the "Business Meeting Information" corner, you can promptly proceed to the negotiation. By spreading your information via the highly popular FNA website, you will not only attract potential companies to your website but also lead to business offers from other parties.


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PV Date

■Page View per Language

Monthly PV is nearly 0.6 million.
70% of which is Chinese users.

■Page view per page

It is mostly occupied with PVs of
the company information pages.
Many users search for factories.

User Profile

■Job grade

More than a half of the entire
users are the approvers.

■Business Type

The main manufacturers are
the industrial machines
and precision machines.

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