Other Surveys

If you want to develop sales channels or sales destinations, are searching for partner companies or contract manufacturers, want to explore business opportunities, or have any other request, please contact us and we will offer you individual research proposals tailored to the need of our customers.
In addition, we also offer the latest information on technology and M& A.

Example of other type of survey

Survey name
Customer purpose User company Survey outline
Sales channel
Sales destinations
M&A target
Shanghai district
Automobile parts 
Company survey
  Automobile parts
・Record of supply to Chinese manufacturers
 List of local suppliers
Industrial transport machinery
Survey of product manufacturers
    Related materials manufacturers and Trading companies ・Production status of the leading manufacturers in mainland China.
・Market forecast for key components
Industrial machinery
Agency survey
      Industrial machinery
・Distributors for major local manufacturers
 Survey of sales channels
Industrial machinery manufacturers
    Industrial machinery
・List of 130 leading local industrial machinery manufacturers
・Company business conditions survey
Printer for banks
Market survey
      Manufacturer unit ・Bank passbook printer purchasing agency ・
 Process survey
・Survey of current brands (Survey of the major 9 lines)
Guangdong district
Survey of the sheet metal- stamping industry
    Related processing
・100 relevant companies
・Basic Information Survey (including telephone interviews)
Local procurement candidates
China supplier survey
      Equipment assembly
・Survey of motor, sensors, and other manufacturers
・List of 2500 companies Telephone survey,
 Budget acquisition agencies (500 companies)
Shanghai disctrict
Industrial Unit
Survey of manufacturers
      Unit manufacturers ・List of relevant companies
 Processing capacity telephone survey (800 companies)
・Attendance arrangements (20 companies)
Joint venture partner candidates
Survey of agricultural equipment manufacturers
      Agricultural equipment
・Detailed survey of financial status of local manufacturers of agricultural equipment




Surveys Conducted in Thailand and Other Countries


Fastener producers (for automobiles) supply chain research (Thai and Indonesia)

Create a list of fastener producer (approximately 40 companies)

Conduct separated interview and confirm supply chain

Satisfaction level of customers using measuring instruments (Thailand)

Create a list of major manufacturers (approximately 500 companies)

Conduct questionnaire research to measure brand awareness and customer satisfaction among target companies (approximately 130 companies)

Use questionnaire results to analyze attractiveness and problems in Thai market.

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