Corporation Credit Survey

You will have easy access to all relevant information on all corporations in China. For continued surveys we recommend a standard report, whereas for new surveys
we recommend a most detailed report. Contents not offered in the standard survey are also available (Please contact us)

To FNA members
we offer a special price.

2000 companies surveyed per year

Short delivery time: The shortest delivery time for a report is 4 business days.

Japanese and Chinese languages: report will be submitted in both languages Japanese and Chinese, so it can be used also for the Chinese staff.

Special Price: Members discount price from 1512 yuan.

As an option,you can choose to add the analysis and rating of,the leading research firm in Japan. (no additional charge,add one more day to delivery time)

Company Credit Survey Price List

Unit: RMB

  Standard survey Detailed survey
Standard Price 2,260 5,340
Members Price 1,512 3,200
Delivery (business days) 8days 12days
Express price (delivery) 2,260(6days) 4,700(9days)
Super flash price (delivery) 3,000(4days)
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*We do not accept express delivery at a non-member price.
*For credit survey of companies in Taiwan, Hong Kong district and other overseas locations, please contact our Survey Department.

Survey items Standard survey Detailed survey
Basic information Registration information (Date of incorporation, Corporate structure, Capital, Shareholder information, Management content, Representatives, Number of employees)
Other basic information
History Changes in registered information
Management information Business organization, Principal administrator history
Management information Product information, Purchasing / Sales information, Major competitors, etc.
Supplier Evaluation, Sales model, Product distribution system, etc.
Production scale, Management scale, Production equipment, etc.
Qualifications and Intellectual property rights Business management qualifications, Trademark registration, Intellectual property rights, etc.
Public records Credit records, Case records
Financial information

(*Please note that for some companies financial information cannot be acquired)


Note: We use the latest version of the balance sheet data for each company.
For example, there is the case when the 2011 edition is the latest version for a given company in year 2013.
Please indicate If you need a specific year.

2 years
(All major data)
3 years
(All major data)
Financial Analysis (Repayment ability, management skills, etc.)
Public records Risk score
(Credit survey, potential, credit partnership scale, comprehensive evaluation)
Industry comparison
Appendix Risk description, Rating

How to apply

  • 1
    Please fill out a request form with the required survey items, and send to us by e-mail or FAX

    (Please fill in as detailed as possible).

  • 2
    After we receive the request form, we will send you an order confirmation (order confirmation e-mail).
  • 3
    We will check the availability of information for the company to be surveyed.
  • 4
    The delivery date is counted from the next business day after the order reception.

    (Excluding weekends and public holidays in China)
    * If there is any verification matter, the delivery date will be calculated again from the date of reception of your response.


The above information is obtained from government agencies, from the surveyed company, or from related companies o agencies.
However, as it is not possible to confirm objectively all the information, there is not guarantee that all information is consistent with the reality.
Regarding the history registration, due to management conditions at each district government department, it is possible that the historical records are not complete.
This Company does not assume any liability for loss or damage caused by adoption of measures or enforcement or abandonment based on the contents of all or part of this report.

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