Research Services for the Manufacturing Industry

Based in the data and know-how accumulated through the business matching services we have provided to the manufacturing industry, as well as on our response to customers consultations, FNA presents 4 services tailored to the needs of the manufacturing industry.

Corporation credit survey

Easy access to registration and financial information of all corporations located in China.
With a record of 700 corporations surveyed annually, we can deliver a report in 8 business days.

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Procurement sources development survey

Using an independent survey, we will help those Japanese companies planning to carry out local procurement in China
to find candidates for local suppliers to reduce costs

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Industry report

We select the industry with high visibility to carry out business and market analysis.
FNA has a solid base in China that that allows us to gather detailed and useful information.

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Other Surveys

If you want to open new ales channel and sales destinations, or your want to find partner companies or contract manufacturers,
we offer a survey to suit the purpose of each customer. We can show a record of acomplishments.

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