FNA Magazine

Manufacturing industry focused
Bilingual magazine in a local language + Japanese

“FNA Magazine” is a bilingual free paper issued in the local language + Japanese at China and Thailand, focusing on the manufacturers. It introduces the local factory related information through the unique cover. Of course we accept Japanese factory information, too. Distributes 50,000 copies/ distribution for 6 times/ year in China, and 30,000 copies/ distribution for 6 times/ year in Thailand. It has a high browsing rate since 70% of the distribution route is covered with the direct distribution as a direct mail.
Also, in order to expand the target audience, the free download service is offered at our website. Take this opportunity to collect information about the Japanese/ Chinese/ ASEAN manufacturing industry, as well as your company PR across the border.

Major contents

■Cover Story: Close-up Manufacturer

This is the main corner that takes the role the main character/ top page of the magazine. The particularity of their manufacturing process and technology is reported from the unique FNA point of view.

■FNA Member Introduction Page

Members’ information is introduced in every issue as a catalogue format.

■1st feature/ 2nd feature

Introduces the summary of the manufacurer members who are good at the service and items related to the theme.


Serializes the indesipensable and useful information at the actual manufacturing scenes.


Readers Profile

■Distribution Area

About 70% is in East China district on the coast,
and 20 % is in South China district.

■Business Type

The main manufacturers are the industrial
machines and precision machines.

■Processing Category

The main parties are the manufacturing
and/ or mass production related factories.

■Job grade

More than a half of the entire users are
the approvers.

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