FBC (Factorynetwork Buisiness Conference) is a business match-making event between the manufacturers hosted by FNA. FBC is positioned as a part of the service developped by FNA.

Business/ Interactive Event Presented by FNA

FBC (Factorynetwork Business Conference) is a place where you can exchange various information such as
the local procurement of Asian manufacturers, the market expansion of your products, and/ or the management related challenges through the actual face-to-face interaction on site.

Started in China since 2005, and held in two locations at Shanghai and Guangdong.
Started in 2014 at Bangkok, Thailand.
This opportunity is highly recommended for those of you who wishes to "meet and negotiate for real", "know the real and local information in China", etc.

The future event is planned to be held in Vietnam, Indonesia,
and other ASEAN region, and India, too.


Features of FBC (Factorynetwork Buisiness Conference)

■PR activities through the media and network owned by FNA

Conducts PR activities of the events and listing companies' over our corporate media (website, FNA magazine, mail magazine, etc.),
and various other medias.

■Advanced reservation realizes an effective negotiation.

Based on the application for negotiation between companies and registered procurement matters, FNA arranges match-making for the negotiation.
It enables you to hold business negotiations without wasting time on the date of the event.

■Participated by companies from various busness types.

Participants of the event includes
the varieties of manufacturing-related industries such as
machined part, press mold, electronic/ electric part, and calibration equipments.

■Sustainment of the high retention/ contract ratio of the negotiation

Nearly 74% of the exhibiting companies continue their negotiation after the event.
And 15% of which concludes a contract
within 3 months after the exhibition.

List of FBC Location

FBC Shanghai 2018: Factorynetwork Buisiness Conference in Shanghai
November 19- 21, 2018: Shanghai New International Expo Centre

Exhibition: 600 booths (prospect)
Visitors: 30,000 people (prospect)


FBC Guangdong 2018: Factorynetwork Buisiness Conference in Guangdong
September 12- 13, 2018: INTERCONTINENTAL FOSHAN

Exhibition: 400 booths (prospect)
Visitors: 30,000 people (prospect)

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FBC Kunshan 2018: Factorynetwork Buisiness Conference in Kunshan
May 16- 18, 2018: Huaqiao International Expo Center

Exhibition: 400 booths (prospect)
Visitors: 30,000 people (prospect)

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Mfair Bangkok 2016 Factorynetwork Buisiness Conference
June 22- 24, 2016

191 Exhibitors, 7,014 Visitors, 3,823 Business Meetings

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The business negotiation meeting is recommendable for the following customers that want to:

■perform sales efficiently as I promote sales in China based on a business trip.
■Obtain as much information as possible within the short amount of time.
■come across new encounters at any rate.
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