Business Plan

Do you have any of these concerns?

"I'd like to expand into the overseas market but I don't know what I should do."
"We made a Chinese-language website but our page visits haven't increased."
"I have no opportunity to make acquaintances with corporations inside China."
"I want to have someone I can entrust with parts manufacturing within China and be a supplier."
"We go out to exhibitions overseas but don't really see results."
"China is huge and I can't find an effective way to do business."

FNA will help you will all of these concerns!


FNA Membership Basic Price Table

A package for increasing your company’s chance to expand business opportunity in China and Thailand.

Latest update on 2018.12.1
  FNA Membership Package

China Silver Pack


Thai Basic Pack


Price in local currency (tax included)





Japanese contract price 1

200,000JPY(tax excluded)


145,000JPY (no consumption tax)



Publish on Chinese Page (in CH, JP)


Publish on Thai Page (in EN,JP)


FNA Magazine

Chinese Magazine 1/5 page x 1 time
1 page x 1 time


Thai version 1/8 page x 3 times


Mail Magazine

Publish the content registered on website


Publish company introduction (3 time)



Post on FNA China official account 4 times/year


Publish company’s business item (3 time)


Real business meeting & expo

Members exchange meeting 6 times/year

(4 times in East China, 2 times in South China)


Event 2 times/year


March  Shenzhen
May  Kunshan
July  Chongqing
August Shanghai
November Nanhai, Foshan


June – Bangkok


1 The applicant company and the paying company should be the same.
      Ex: If the applicant is the company in Thailand and the headquarter in Japan is making the payment, please have the headquarter send the money to Thai company directly before making payment.
※2 FNA Magazine [Chinese Edition]: including yearly delivery fee paid to Japan. (5,000 yen)
3 FNA Magazine [Thai Edition]: including yearly delivery fee paid to Japan. (5,000 yen)
4 Contents need to be enough on the website such as texts and phots etc.
5 Customer need to provide materials such as texts and photos by 7 days in advance before the delivery date.
6 Participation fee will be actual expense, the event include both factory sightseeing and exchange meeting
7 Participation fee equals actual expense (estimated to be around 500 THB)
8 There will be seperated fees (special price for members)


Chinese membership service will be separated into Diamond, Platinum, Gold, and Silver.
Customers can choose the service with benefits that suit them most (Silver membership service is showed above).
For details, please see the “Introduction for Chinese Members” below:



Web Site for Business Matching

We have a bilingual Japanese-Chinese corporate database comprised of over 18,000 Japanese-Chinese manufacturers. Information sent on registered members and business negotiations occur daily.
<Create a Page for Your Company> You can create your own page in both Chinese and Japanese with some simple registration steps. You can also quickly move to business discussions from our "Negotiation Information" corner. And, of course, there is the chance of offers coming from other companies as well as introducing them to your website.
<Ad Banners> It is possible to publish advertisements to the PV600,000 FNA websites for a month-long period. You can directly promote your logo and products with visuals targeted to those in charge of purchasing businesses and marketing.

Details are here


Our newsletter for those related to the Japanese-Chinese manufacturing world reaches 75,000 addresses with our Chinese version and 15,000 addresses with our Japanese version.
*Our Thai email magazine started 7/2014

Details are here

FNA Magazine

FNA Magazine specializes in the manufacturing industry and publishes 400,000 (every other month) on a yearly basis. It is the only bilingual Japanese-Chinese magazine focused on the manufacturing industry in the world. Beyond DM shipping directly to managers in China, it is also distributed to every major exhibition and our reach continues to expand.
FNA Magazine, with its countless corporate information published within it, is not only read by long-time readers as a catalog but can also be downloaded in an electronic format and read from all over the world.

Details are here

Business conferences (FBC)

FBC (Factory Network Business Conference) is a specialized business negotiation talk that discusses business with local corporations or Japanese companies for market expansion in the Asian manufacturing industry for the local procurement or in-house manufacturing of materials and products.
These events are for those who would like to meet in-person for business discussions or want firsthand information from within China.

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With our accumulated data and know-how from our business matching service for the manufacturing industry
And we prepare every research service for actual results from discussions that we receive from most of you.

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Groupware for sharing in-house information and useful for business optimization
We provide a bilingual Japanese-Chinese J-MOTTO.

Process from Application to Using the Service

  • 1
    Inquiries for FNA

    Please contact FNA via online or by phone.

  • 2
    Send the Application

    We will attach the application. Please return it to us completed.

  • 3
    Membership Fee Payment

    We will send you the bill. Please pay the membership fee within the time frame.

  • 4
    Establishing a Personal Page

    Your membership page will be established upon receipt of registration for your user information and corporate information.

  • 5
    Activating Services

    Register on FNA
    Your membership service will become active following a review of your details.

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